jeudi 21 janvier 2010

Bounty Killer, Hit Meteor, Spieltrieb

After the opening of our new website (hope you'll like it), I've decided to change a bit the purpose of this blog. You'll still be able to find our tracks in here (and remix people did for us), but you will also be able to discover exclusive content from friends and artists we like...

So today I'm happy to introduce you to our german friends: Spieltrieb (don't even look for a myspace, those guys are oldschool haha)!!!

Also find a remix Sam did for Bounty Killer (crazy riddim track, will def make you dance), Hit Meteor remix for Noria (more remixes to come, if you wish to do one, please ask) and Horny from Spieltrieb!

Make sure you'll keep an eye on Spieltrieb cause they are ace!