lundi 14 septembre 2009

"La voix du Nord": Sam Tiba, Bérou, Canblaster!

Sam Tiba just released a new track called Barbie Weed! This one is kicking major ass and will take the shit out of your baboon butt!


Low Club (Unchi/FR): Nice one, subtil and powerfull!

Radioclit (GhettoPop/ UK): There is some cool stuff there:

Camel (Deadfish/IT): Bounce Tune, will test it out! Nice one!

Teki Latex (SoundPellegrino / FR): Ah! I'm liking this!

French Fries (Clek Clek Boom / FR): Dope track! Will play this out!

Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed (320kbps)

Our man Canblaster did a little collab with Bérou, a young fresh producer from North of France! Result is huge! A clappy, punchy, funny track already supported by the greatests! The crowd will bounce!!!


Brodinski (Turbo/FR): Woah good stuff from North of France! I really like it! Can't wait to hear the rest...

Douster (SoundPellegrino/FR): Ahah this made me laugh! There is everything: white noise, cool samples, nice melody and the rythm makes me wanna dance! Will play!

Camel (Deadfish/IT): Good work! Wicked tune! In italian: "Bravo"!

Myd (ClubCheval/FR): Cool track! Smart!!!

Mo Laudi (The Very Best/UK): Loving it!

Sam Tiba (ClubCheval/FR): Mad shiny track! Most def in my playlist! Big support!

Lazy Flow (YoungGunz/FR): Good stuff!

Yolanda Be Cool (SweatItOut/US): Love the sound!!

Bérou and Canblaster - Kapongo Dance (320 kbps)

Thanks all for your support!
Soon "Train to Bamako" REMIXES EP and an unofficial preview remix by Canblaster.

lundi 7 septembre 2009

Myd & Sam Tiba minimixes for Triangle Magazine

Myd and Sam Tiba just did two amazing mini mixes for Triangle Magazine. They are about five minutes each but they both contain ten tracks or more. Full of little details, both Myd and Sam decided to start/end with the same track: King of my Castle. It's like a tiny gangsta horse.

Myd Triangle Minimix


Dj Paleface - Do You Mind
Rainbow Arabia - Holidays in Congo (Myd Remix)
Afrojack & Diplo - How I Like It (Kid Kaio Remix)
D.I.M & TAI - Liposuct
Dj Class - I'm The Ish... Read More
Dj Cleo - Wena Banawe
Kissy Sell Out - The Kiss (Jack Beats Remix)
The Count & Sinden - Mega
LMFAO & Lil' John - Shots
Wandue Project - King Of My Castle

Sam Triangle Minimix


Wamdue project - King of my castle
Busy signal - Da style deh (douster dagga remix)
Schlaschtofbronx - Gunny gunny
Silvio ecomo @ chuckie - Moombah (afrojack remix)
De bos - On the run (ralvero get down remix)
Digital manges - Manges (sharsklayer dub)
Yolando be cool - Afro nuts (douster remix)
Sam tiba - Weed barbie
Myd - Rwall
Douster - Schlagadda (swaggada edit)

Sticky ft. marvin brown - Jack it up