lundi 14 septembre 2009

"La voix du Nord": Sam Tiba, Bérou, Canblaster!

Sam Tiba just released a new track called Barbie Weed! This one is kicking major ass and will take the shit out of your baboon butt!


Low Club (Unchi/FR): Nice one, subtil and powerfull!

Radioclit (GhettoPop/ UK): There is some cool stuff there:

Camel (Deadfish/IT): Bounce Tune, will test it out! Nice one!

Teki Latex (SoundPellegrino / FR): Ah! I'm liking this!

French Fries (Clek Clek Boom / FR): Dope track! Will play this out!

Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed (320kbps)

Our man Canblaster did a little collab with Bérou, a young fresh producer from North of France! Result is huge! A clappy, punchy, funny track already supported by the greatests! The crowd will bounce!!!


Brodinski (Turbo/FR): Woah good stuff from North of France! I really like it! Can't wait to hear the rest...

Douster (SoundPellegrino/FR): Ahah this made me laugh! There is everything: white noise, cool samples, nice melody and the rythm makes me wanna dance! Will play!

Camel (Deadfish/IT): Good work! Wicked tune! In italian: "Bravo"!

Myd (ClubCheval/FR): Cool track! Smart!!!

Mo Laudi (The Very Best/UK): Loving it!

Sam Tiba (ClubCheval/FR): Mad shiny track! Most def in my playlist! Big support!

Lazy Flow (YoungGunz/FR): Good stuff!

Yolanda Be Cool (SweatItOut/US): Love the sound!!

Bérou and Canblaster - Kapongo Dance (320 kbps)

Thanks all for your support!
Soon "Train to Bamako" REMIXES EP and an unofficial preview remix by Canblaster.

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